A weekend of celebrations!

Jun 18, 2012

My dad's birthday was last Wednesday, mom's was Friday, and Josh's was yesterday (along with Father's Day)
Cake. Overload.
I'm so blessed to have each of them in my life, and celebrating birthdays is no small occasion around our home.
(Even though this year I have completely failed at documenting these events, and I'm sorry)

Wednesday we decorated dad's office, and instead of sending us a text at 6am to thank us he wrote this little note.
So considerate, huh?

Ellie and I decided we needed to upgrade mom's workout ensemble for her birthday.
Isn't she gorge?

Friday night we celebrated Josh's birthday with a little flashback to college.
Sushi at Raw, followed by Ponchatoula's, then San Miguels for late bar.
. . . and somehow this is the only picture I have from the entire night.
Entire bowl of soy sauce in the lap=shower in the sink.

Sunday we got to celebrate my two favorite men, with it being Josh's birthday and Father's Day.
 I'm so blessed to have both of y'all in my life, and you each have made a huge impact on who I have become! 
. . . but I'm mostly excited because we can now get rental cars without the underage fee! 
Yay for being 25! 

Charlie lovvvvvves coming to the Rat household.

These two don't cooperate very well for pictures.

He is normal, I swear.

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A and B said...

I saw that last photo on instagram! It is so great, haha what a funny dog! He seems full of personality!

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