Fun facts for real life

Jun 14, 2012

Three things I'm pretty sure every person in America needs to know:

1) You can use special codes whenever you want and as many times as you want to get free RedBox Dvds.
Right now, just use the code DVDONME and DVDONUS anywhere, and also the code WALGREENS at any walgreens.
If any of those don't work then just google Redbox free dvd code and you'll find one eventually.

2) Bed, Bath, and Beyond will accept any returns.
No matter how broken your item is, if you even have the original box or receipt, and even if it didn't come from their store at all (so I've heard!)

3) The "Great Fun" Scam
Recently, I found out that I was being charged $16.99 monthly for the past 20 months by a company called Great Fun.
According to them, I authorized this after renting a car in Seattle two years ago.
(The charge looked like GRT*FUN with a bunch of random numbers after it on my bank statement, so for some reason I just was never suspicious because many gas station or internet purchases are often weird with random letters and numbers, right?)
After spending three weeks fighting with this sketch company that I never authorized, and throwing around scary words like "class action lawsuit" I finally got all of my money back.
After some heavy googling, I found out that others had this problem as well, and all it took was a call to this super secret number:


This number is necessary for your refund!
This takes you directly to a supervisor who will immediately refund all of your money (rather than just give it back in 2 month increments like the measly employees did)

Moral of the story: check your bank statement and don't let them get away with this garbage!

. . . anyways, I'll hop down off my soapbox now!

Here'ssssssss Charles!


Chelsea said...

That's soooo good to know about Bed, Bath and Beyond! Insider information haha!

Alissa said...

Yikes! What car rental company did you use? I rent cars up there all the time when I go back home...from kind of an obscure company too. Looks like I will have to go through my statements!

P.S. noticed your fiance is a Sigma Nu - so is my husband :)

ZoƩ said...

Shame I'm not in America, otherwise the information looks cool. :(

A and B said...

OMG! Why did I not know about that redbox code thing! Brilliant...Thanks for sharing

jenn (+ will) said...

i can't believe they were stealing your money for so long! so messed up!

Hannah Crain said...

sweet brian sent me flowers in the mail from texas when i was in louisiana the week before our wedding day via 1-800-flowers or something like that... later i discovered this monthly charge of like $25 that had a phone number and some random gibberish... i thought i was something from his summer classes...well neither of us knew what it was so i got detective/googled it and discovered a very similar situation and got most of our money back before it went on very long.

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