Guest Post: Hannah Margaret @ HM

Aug 31, 2012

Today I'm gonna introduce y'all to Hannah Margaret.
 She's a sweet little southern girl from Tennessee who is gonna teach y'all some French (with a few life lessons in between!)
Go check out her blog if you get a chance and send her some love! 

(Side note: I just realized all the posts I've been making for the past week and a half and been back dated and are all out of order! I tried to fix it, so I'm SUPER sorry to all the wonderful guest posters whose posts have been misplaced! Technology got the best of me!)

Why hello Dashboard Diary readers!

My name is Hannah Margaret, and I have a little blog corner called hm. 
It's a place to share my passion for life, travel and all things beautiful. I ponder and peruse. I stumble and stammer. I question and make claims. And all the while, I'm going to college, trying to graduate (on time), doing theater and going on local adventures. I spent my last semester (six months) in Canterbury, England. I settled perfectly into the English way of life, and also got the opportunity to go backpacking for a month. Out of all my travels, France stole my heart (second to the England, of course).  

I say all that because I want to share a simple French phrase with you that applies directly to my daily life. The phrase is joie de vivre, and it can be translated simply to mean the "joy of living". Furthermore, it expresses the overwhelming joy that can be felt deep in your spirit. Food, conversation, good wine, any wine ever, chocolate, a cool breeze, a landscape, a piece of art, a first kiss, any kiss, laughing and anything that makes your fingers tingle and your heart leap. That's joie de vivre.

For years I've said this would be the only thing I'd have tattooed on me, because it would be a reminder to enjoy the daily aspects of life. Treasures are hidden in your routine, you just have to find them.

I've been to France (seen above and below, yo), and I felt it there more than ever. The life there was simpler and more rustic, consequently leaving me leaving more fulfilled and joyful than ever. 
Go if you can.

So, your homework: take half the time you complain today and focus on the immaculate, intricate and wonderful details of life. Enjoy that first sip of your Diet Coke (guilty), soak in the sunshine to get a few more freckles and have another cup of coffee--because it's about the joy of living. 
It's about joie de vivre.

Thanks for letting me share a little tidbit, Emily! Have a marvelous weekend. xoxo, hm

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