A spare day in the windy city

Aug 16, 2012

Following all the festival madness, Ellie and I had a extra day in Chicago to roam around and see the sights. 

Mikey (and his nasty festival feet) and Josh headed back early Monday morning.

Side note: Our hotel (Acme) was awesome. 

All cred goes to Mikey, the mature one.

Anyways, Ellie and I started off our morning at Yolk with some red velvet french toast.

Then we walked a bazillion miles (for all bazillion calories we ingested) to the beach and Navy Pier..

STREET ART: A fridge made into a couch, side table, and coffee table!

Next up: quick trip to the bean!

We also happened upon a dress rehearsal for the preview of Chicago's 2012 Broadway season.
We got to see scenes from 10 different shows, including War Horse.

One of the more interesting shows was one written by some Northwestern students called The Verona Project.
Their goal was to make a new folk rock musical, and it definitely peaked our interest.

The highlight of the show was an appearance by Cyndi Lauper.

Who is still just as nuts as always.

We also got to have our first Trader Joe's experience. 
I was particularly pumped about finally getting their famous Cookie Butter, and believe it or not, they were sold out. 

It wouldn't be a complete trip to Chicago without some deep dish pizza! 

Parting pic of the day:
Implementing a vomit clean up fee is funny to me.


lori said...

loved seeing all of the pictures! i absolutely love chicago- my brother was stationed there with the navy for a couple of years, so fun!

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

ah I want to get to Chicago so badly! That Red Velvet french toast looks deadly and awesome.

Unknown said...

Festival feet and Trader Joe's? Could life beeee any better? Love Chi Town too. So fun.

Morgan said...

I can't believe Trader Joe's was out of Cookie Butter! I mean, yes I can because it is delicious and everyone obviously wants it. But still, such bad luck lol.

I think y'all successfully squeezed every Chicago high point into a single day! ....it is a deceptively loooooong walk to the beach. Surprises me every time.

Olivia Carter said...

That hotel looks amazing! I feel like we only even stay places as survival- like we had to stop half way driving. I need to go somewhere specifically to stay at a nice hotel.

Bailey K. | Travel Heals said...

HAHA @ vomit clean up photo. I love these photos. I can't wait to visit Chicago one day.

Please come link this post up to 'The Places You'll Go' Travel Party on my blog. It's all about experiencing places, and this post is perfect! :)


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