A Whole Lolla Fun

Aug 8, 2012

Finallyyyyyyy, I was able to catch up on some sleep and muster up the strength to post about our Lolla experience. 
I had the privilege of spending the weekend with three of my favorite people reveling in the magic that is live music. 
It couldn't have been more perfect.
I have THE coolest brother and sister, who just so happen to get along perfectly with their future brother-in-law.

Ellie brought her homemade hipster shorts, as well.

I finally got to see Milo Greene perform live, which was fantastic (especially their Sufjan cover of "Chicago")
You can go buy their new album on iTunes and thank me later.

. . . but I believe one of the big shockers of the weekend was Michael and Ellie scoring these artist wristbands.
Free food, beer, and full access backstage at every stage.

I'm not gonna lie, they are kinda good at giving off that cocky hipster musician vibe.

Some stages even let them bring back "guests" so Josh and I got to enjoy watching a few shows from backstage with these two little up and coming "artists"

They also met their fair share of celebs:

Mikey met Tiffany from Givers
(Right after hitting on her and finding out she dates the lead singer)

Ellie met Guy Fieri backstage during the Red Hot Chili Pepper concert.

Josh and I enjoyed most shows like measly little peasants in the grass.

Our favorite stage was the Google Stage that we enjoyed seeing Edward Sharpe on two years ago.
It was surrounded by perfect little shady trees.
This year we were able to watch Givers and Of Monsters and Men from this stage, and the environment made the happy-as-can-be musical experience that much better.

Ellie snapper another awesome backstage pic.

Aside from seeing some awesome bands on our favorite stage, we also FINALLY got to see one of our all time favorite musicians (that has been on the top of our to see list for two years)

The Tallest Man on Earth

. . . oh yea and Michael and Ellie got a sweet view from the side of the stage.

I tell ya what, traveling wears you out.
. . . and I don't usually like to talk bad about stuff on this little blog, but I'm angry with Spirit Airlines.
Did you know they were the most profitable airline of 2011? 
Did you know you have to pay for carry on bags?
Did you know that if you are over the 40 pound weight limit, you have to pay $25 extra on top of the $48 checked bag fee (even though every other airline's weight limit is 50 lbs)
Note to self, even though their flights appear cheap, don't fall in the trap.
This feels like a bad breakup.
I'm so over you Spirit.

more posts coming later on The Great Evacuation of Lolla 2012, The Food of Lolla, and experiencing my first blogger date with the fantastic Morgan at a City for Two!


whit | Black Little Button blog said...

Oh my gosh! Looks like loads of fun!

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

wow! this looks like it was a blast! great shots you got of the concerts! xo Kelly

Katherine said...

this looks great! sounds like you got to see a ton of great bands and have a great time with friends. i love summer outdoor concerts but it has been forever since i have been to one


Unknown said...

AHHH Lolla. I wanted to go so bad. But now I can just live vicariously. Lovely header, gorgeous blog. Glad to be a new follower!

xoxo, hm

Dorien said...

Looks like an awesome day. And how did your brother and sister do that haha? That's awesome.

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