Tunesday: Dr. Dog

Aug 24, 2012

It is rare that you hear of a cover song that is better than the original 
(Britney Spears "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" is a prime example of what I don't mean)
After hearing Dr. Dog sing "Heart it Races" at both of their shows and not being able to find it on iTunes, I went to YouTube only to find what I thought was a hilariously entertaining version of it.
After some research I realized that the weird YouTube version was the original and it kinda grew on me.

The weirdness of Architecture in Helsinki's version is kinda cool. 

If you want even more magic then go here to watch Architecture in Helsinki's Take Away Show.


Chelsea said...

Cool videos!

Anonymous said...

great songs. Your blog is lovely.

Unknown said...

I LOVE both of these, but I've always been fond of the Dr. Dog version. Although the video from AiH is pretty rad.

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