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Aug 28, 2012

I told yall Morgan would be back soon! 
If I could pick one blogger to be my personal assistant and write hilarious, awesomely intellectual yet so witty things to accompany all of my photos then I would without a doubt pick Morgan.
True blog love right here yall.

Hi Dashboard readers! My name is Morgan and I blog over here about my life with husband. We just moved to Chicago (from Atlanta) for Andrew's career, so right now I play housewife between yoga classes and job interviews.

When Emily asked me to write a guest post (my first ever, gasp!) I was thrilled of course. She wanted us to pick our own topics but some starter ideas that she offered were: travel, food, marriage. 

At first I thought I would go the marriage advice route - because she is getting ready to make those big forever vows, and I just made them a year ago - it seemed appropriate to share what I have learned in the last 13 months. But, after reading this brilliant lady's list of 15 ways to stay married for 15 years, I realized any advice I came up with would pale in comparison. Or, be sorely repetitive at best. So, for the greatest, most useful marriage advice I have ever read, go check that list. For why Amsterdam is my most favorite city in the entire world, continue reading here...

When I graduated high school as a big grown up 17 year old, I freaked out a little bit. Ok, obviously, it is a serious time of transition for everyone, but I felt like my transition was unusually overwhelming. I was: 
uncomfortably stuck between boyfriends  
(still pining over the old loser while pretending to be in love with the new loser)
confused and conflicted by a faith that I had never questioned before, 
angry at my parents, 
disappointed in the colleges I had chosen to apply to  
(All great schools, all acceptances, all with scholarship. Not a single one made me jump up and down.)
and frustrated that everyone (but me) had an opinion about where I needed to take my life. 

(None of that is really so unusual)

Against everyone's better judgement I said "thanks but no thanks" to college (for now) and moved myself to Italy, because adventure was the only thing I definitely knew I wanted. I stayed there until I got homesick (which took several months); that was my sign that I had finally put my priorities into the right order. Needless to say, I have been longing to go back ever since, but I do have a better head on my shoulders these days.

While I was living there my brother came to visit for a week in March. In a single week he wanted to see Rome, Amsterdam, and Prague. The amazing thing about Europe is that it is totally possible to do that! We spent a grand total of three nights in Amsterdam and I absolutely fell in love. No, it was not because of the coffee shops....although I do think those play a big role in why everyone there is so friendly and laid back. 

Here are 10 reasons why Amsterdam is still the best city, even if a tourist smoking ban gets passed:

1. You can take the most beautiful photograph you have ever taken. 
Get it framed, hang it up. These are the best treasures from traveling.

2. You can eat the most delicious (and funniest looking) hot dogs you have ever tasted.

3. You can ride a train into the most extravagant train station you have ever ridden into.

4. You can navigate your way using the most expensive city map you have ever bought. 
Seriously? 2 euro just to know how to get around?

 5. You can sit in the company of giants. Or at least in their chairs.

6. You can ride your bicycle everywhere. 
And you can ride a house boat whenever you are tired of riding a bicycle.

7. You can walk in a blizzard in the morning.....

8. ...and walk in the gorgeous park, in the warm sunshine, that very same afternoon!

9. You can see a hilarious American comedy show.
10. And, finally... amongst some of the cleanest streets you have ever walked, you can happen up the most disgusting bathroom you've ever photographed. Don't use it.

Thanks so much for having me Emily!! Can't wait to hear about your trips when you get back.


Taylor said...

amsterdam is one of my must sees. it just seems so relaxed and beautiful. those canals!

Jeans 'n Tshirt said...

ahhh such sweet memories.....and beautiful pics! and your brother was so glad YOU knew how to be the grown up that week! ;o)

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