The Tigers vs The Tigers

Sep 27, 2012

Last weekend Liz, her boyfriend, and I loaded up the car and headed back to God's country (Auburn, Alabama) for the LSU vs Auburn game.
Elizabeth went to LSU for undergrad and Auburn for grad school (which explains the orange and purple dress that she got a lot of crap for) and Jason went to Auburn for undergrad.
Her and Jason both reunited with most of their college friends and I just got to sit back and laugh at their hilariousness.
(Is hilariousness a word? How about ridiculously awesome quick witted humor?)
I can't remember how many times I repeated that we all really have the funniest friends in America.
My phone was dead 99% of the weekend so I failed miserably at documenting the trip, but I scrapped up some pics between us girls to help us piece together the weekend.

I was so happy to be able to spend most of the weekend with Liz's Auburn friends Nicole and Caroline.
. . . and with Liz, duh.
Curtesy of Nicole's fantastic instagramming skills:
Freeman gave us a nice tour of campus (walking backwards the entire way) 
We loved the looks we received from bystanders after we would raise our hands and ask various questions such as "Will my child's teacher know his name?" and "What is the male to female ratio"?"
We made our way to the ATO house for Jason's reunion weekend
. . . and came across the most instagrammable butt of War Eagle history

As exciting as the game was, it didn't compare to what came after.
A little session with THE Tim Tyler.
You know, just the most incredibly talented guy in the south.
No big deal. 
He only played every awesome song ever, in true Tim Tyler form, with his eyes closed (Ray Charles style, according to Nicole)
Following the mindblowingness of that show, we continued to have our minds blown on the walk home (first off with some free Mama G's nachos and an encounter with Walt Jr from Breaking Bad)
The level of mindblowingness really skyrocketed after watching a car miss a curb, run into a field, hit a truck and a electrical pole then land in a ditch all going about 60 mph.
I am not confident enough in my PA skills to save a life quite just yet, but thankfully I didn't have to attempt.
The driver walked away from the wreck fine, shortly after failing miserably at a field sobriety test. 

I'm pretty sure, yet again we managed to condense an entire year of college experiences into one weekend in Auburn.


Jes said...

Such a good time! It really makes me miss going to my college football games.

Jes said...

Such a good time! It really makes me miss going to my college football games.

Durante said...

You all look incredible! What an awesome time! The game makes me want nachos, lol.

Lysha said...

Just happened across your blog...What a great game that was! Great weekend to be here. War Eagle!

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