Oct 12, 2012

Josh sent me this video earlier this week and I laughed out loud in the middle of Ace Hardware to a video of a guy asking a dog if he wants to go outside.
That's all.
No big deal.
This video may not be funny to anyone in the whole world but me, but I was near tears.

How in the heck is Charlie smart enough to know what each single word means?
Theres no way he knows grammar, right?

In case this isn't as funny to you as it was to me, maybe this video involving another very cute and funny Charlie will entertain you.
The season premier of Always Sunny in Philadelphia was last night!
Here's the trailer.
Please don't die from laughter.


Rachel said...

um, that's hilarious. I'm pretty sure my toddler does the same thing.

Rachel said...
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meme-and-he said...

so funny. I was cracking up. My dog does the same thing. all I have to say is, "you wanna?" and she starts freaking out!

Empirically Erin said...

I love this video!! Charlie is so cute. I also love Josh's accent! hehehe

Jane said...

so funny! our cocker spaniel is the same way! he's older now and hard of hearing, but when he heard the words go outside he would get so happy. he even understood the word "shampoo" .. but he didn't like that much. he kinda became dead weight and made us carry him all the way to the bathroom for a bath!

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