Checking some things off our Dallas bucket list

Jul 3, 2013

Last weekend, my friend Mary Catherine and I decided to knock some things off our Dallas to-do lists.
It was opening weekend for the new Dallas food truck park, so we planned to start the day off with that for lunch.
. . . until we drove around the hood for 20 minutes unable to find it.
After a quick google, we came to the realization that the food trucks didn't arrive until 5.
Side note: After the fact, I checked their twitter and found out they were also serving free beer in honor of opening day.
I checked my ever-growing list of places to eat in Dallas, and we figured since we were already on Maple Street we should check out Maple and Motor.
Best decision ever.
Even though the place was small, the wait wasn't too long at all.
Apparently it's the place to go for a real life old-fashioned, greasy, juicy cheeseburger.
. . . and some incredible homemade onion rings.

Next up: The Crate & Barrel outlet.
Yes, that exists.
Honestly, I had high hopes, and I ended up only leaving with a $3 dishtowel.

Next up:
Bishop Arts District
Only the cutest part of Dallas.
Home to Emporium Pies and Oddfellows.
We walked the precious tree-lined streets, checking out nearly every shop, and wanting to check out every restaurant.
Unfortunately since we had already eaten, we didn't get to have a sit down meal anywhere.
. . . but we had to stop at Emporium Pies for a midday snack.
Can't go wrong with the snowball pie (coconut custard and homemade whipped cream with toasted coconut) 
Mary got the Mellow Yellow (lemon chiffon with gingersnap crust)
. . . both were equally magical.
How freakin cute was this?
. . . other sights from around the Bishop Arts District:
Sunday Josh and I were planning on grabbing HopDoddy for lunch, but after seeing the line wrapped all the way around the block, we headed to Velvet Taco.
Thank goodness.
I can't get enough of it.
Any restaurant related to Whiskey Cake gets an A+ in our book.
. . . and then there was this
Sweet potato tots topped with with goat cheese andddddd a fried egg.
They also offer a full chicken (and some other goodies) if you sneak up to their backdoor with a $20 in hand.
This is happening soon, for sure.
We still have plenty of other things we want to check out in this fantastic city of ours so follow me on Instagram @em_kerrigan to keep up with our local adventures! 

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Rachael said...

Dallas sounds awesome!!! Crate & Barrel outlet?? Snowball pie?? Tots covered with an egg? Sounds amazing, seriously.

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