NYC Part 1 {The City}

Jul 24, 2013

Remember that one time we went to New York this summer and I completely forgot to blog about it?
Sorry for the disappointment, I can feel your angry glares from here. 
Well, by the way, we went to New York last month for the Governor's Ball Music Festival.
Usually on our trips females are in the minority.
In the past it has proven to be quite the challenge for me to get the boys up and moving so that we can take advantage of everything the city has to offer. 
This was not the case for New York (I'm still not sure what got into these boys.)
We had plenty of time each morning before the festival started to make the rounds throughout the city.
We conquered all the highlights:
The High Line
Grimaldi's Pizza
Shake Shack
Central Park
The Brooklyn Bridge
We stayed at The Ravel Hotel in Queens, which had quite the view (even during that silly tropical storm that decided to come through our first night in town)
I'm a sucker for cute storefront windows.
Chinatown reminded me of Fruit Ninja.
The entrance to The Dakota, where John Lennon was shot.
Brunch with a view!
Siyonara NYC.
See you soon.
. . . but not too soon, city life always proves to be a tad overwhelming.
Don't miss part 2! 
Scenes from The Governor's Ball Music Festival!

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