Weekend Update {4th of July edition}

Jul 8, 2013

Again, Friday's Letters were neglected.
I'm so rude.
In my defense, I was off work so that meant vacation mode (even though we pretty much had a staycation).
No more excuses.

We started off our first vacation day with Hypnotic Donuts.
Ever since finding this place on instagram (seriously, I've found so many Dallas restaurants from instagram) it has also been topping our Dallas To-Eat List.
. . . which really exists.
They have BYOB Bingo.
Doesn't get cooler than that folks.
We tried two of their fried chicken biscuits (awesome) and the maple bacon donut, which neither of them are pictured below.
They just weren't near as cute as all the others.
That afternoon we met Mary & Billy (and their pup Pippa) at Lake Lewisville (not to be confused with The Bahamas)
Dog jealousy is funny.
Charlie's middle name is cooperate, by the way.
Even though we spent 99% of the weekend watching 234908329048230984 episodes of How I Met Your Mother (addicted is an understatement) the boys got plenty of quality nap time in. 
One of the highlights of the weekend was getting to test out the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve bike trails with Josh.
. . . and then right here, thankfully, Josh documented one of the low moments of the weekend.
Seconds away from projectile vomiting all over his hysterically laughing jerk faced self.
He's really great at catching me at my best moments.
Sunday was my brother Michael's 23rd birthday, and since we couldn't be with him this weekend to celebrate, we recorded him a video to send to him at midnight. 
(Which will never be shared to the world, sorry, my singing voice is too good to go public)
Completely unrelated to all things 4th of July, last weekend I had dinner with Nicole and Mary at Sissy's Southern Kitchen & Bar downtown.
It had the cutest decor (deer heads mounted on the wall surrounded by mismatched china, cuter than it sounds) and we stuffed our faces with the most incredible food (homemade cornbread, biscuits, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, cheese grits, and mac & cheese, not near as cute as it sounds)
Of course, dessert was the most photogenic.
Fresh chocolate chip cookies and brandy milk punch.
Put it on your Dallas to-do list ASAP folks. 


The Girl who Loved to Write said...

That donut place looks incredible!

Bad Luck Jenn said...

Those donuts = diabetic coma! We totally have a Restaurant List too!! At least we aren't the only ones! And did someone get a layout facelift?!

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