Recent failures and successes in the kitchen

Jul 15, 2013

Pinterest has been pretty good to us lately in the Kerrigan household.
. . . but on the other hand, Pinterest has kinda failed me lately.
Cooking hash browns on a waffle iron?
Anyways, here are some of our success stories:

Gluten free blueberry muffins
Greek yogurt, oatmeal, and blueberries?
Heaven in yo mouth.
Recipe here

Sweet potato rounds with cheese bacon and greek yogurt
This recipe was actually heavily altered.
I sliced the potatoes about 1/2 inch thick, pre-heated the oven to 350 degrees, covered the potatoes with a olive oil/Tony Chacheries/garlic powder mixture and baked them on 10 minutes for each side.
Easy peasy.

A semi-sucessful attempt at making healthy popsicles using greek yogurt and blueberries.
The fudge pop attempt turned out much better . .  .
I mixed a little combo of cocoa powder, coconut milk, PB2, and stevia until it tasted good (I'm really good at giving recipes, right?)
Our attempts at cutting out the processed foods and GMO's have been pretty successful lately (until it comes to going out to eat)
Currently, I'm working on cutting back on the refined sugar (which is also pretty beneficial when it comes to Josh being a diabetic, he married quite the sweet tooth)
Cutting sugar feels like cutting out coffee, you can truly get addicted to the stuff.
I've had nightly headaches, but cuties and kiwis are my crack!
I can't get enough.
If you have any advice for sugar free snacks to help calm the cravings please let me know!


Applewood Road said...

I'm trying to cut the sugar too and man is it hard work! You're so right in that it was an addiction of mine, I find that drinking tea after a meal helps me to avoid the "dessert"!

- applewood road

Sarah Smith said...
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Sarah Smith said...

Is agave nectar or honey off limits for you? I use those in a lot of stuff, including my coffee and to sweeten plain greek yogurt. I'm gonna make a vegetarian version of those potatoes..looks super good!

Lauren Collins Blessing said...

My family has converted to Paleo; I would suggest raw honey for sweetener since you already use Stevia. Sun-dried goji berries, Lara Bars, and fruit are my saving grace when my sweet tooth is barking! Also, there is a coconut based ice cream on the market - So Delicious is the brand. Very yummy!

Alissa said...

My husband has a huge sweet tooth, and I am finding out that I probably have fructose malabsorption (it's a pain), so we have both had a difficult time recently. He find that if he has an apple every day for a mid-morning snack, his sugar cravings are seriously curbed. Apples are higher in fructose, so because he is getting more fruit sugar, he is craving less refined sugar. You might try some of the fruits with higher fructose content, or dried fruits, which have a higher sugar content. Including some sweet peppers or sweet corn into your dinners might help also.

Emily said...

thank all of you for the incredible advice! sarah, i'm starting to like tea more and more so i'll have to try that for sure. I'm also excited to try goji berries too lauren. I've never been a big apple fan, Alissa, but hearing that it helps your husband with his cravings is a huge encouragement to hopefully start liking them more! thanks again y'all!

Diana, Down Home Traveler said...

Looks delicious! I am in love with the bowl the muffins are in though! Super cute!

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