Floating the San Marcos River

Jul 22, 2013

Last weekend we headed down to San Marcos, Texas with a big group of our college friends.
We all met up to go out Friday night, and then we woke up not tooooo early Saturday morning to tackle the river.
The weather was perfect and the water was cool.
The crowds were a bit intense, but we couldn't complain.
It turned out to be an absolute blast, and a cheap blast at that. 
We rented rubes through Don's Fish Camp and paid less than $20 a person (for parking, tubes, and ropes)
It was about a four hour float, and there were even a few teeny tiny rapids here and there.
We made a little friend. 
Appropriately named Mantis Toboggan. 
Elephant ears make great hats.
I completely forgot to get a group picture from the weekend, but I did get plenty of good pics of the boys.
Sunday morning we recovered from our shenanigans with brunch at The Root Cellar in downtown San Marcos.
See if you can wrap your head around this mind blowing meal:
Peach cobbler french toast made with homemade beer bread
. . . andddddd now I'll go purge myself from all the garbage and glutens and sugars collected in my bloodstream from this weekend.
Bring on the water and veggies.
I'm nauseated just thinking about it. 


brooke lyn said...

sign me up for floating the river please and thanks. also sign me up for that heaven in sugar form.

Claudia said...

Wow, the river definitely looks crowded but it seems you guys had a good time :) And that French toast looks so yummy! <3

Greetings from hot Barcelona (Spain) :)

Anonymous said...

Mind = blown. That weekend and meal looked amazing!

Ashley said...

How fun! I'm going tubing for the first time next weekend with my husband and a bunch of strangers. Hope it's as good as this looks! :)

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