Weekend in Nola {Part 2: Heather & Chad's Wedding}

Jul 18, 2013

We went to New Orleans last weekend to watch our good friends Heather and Chad get married.
It's often hard to convince Josh to attend weddings with me (how is he already turning into an old man?) but after this wedding he mentioned multiple times that it was the funnest wedding he'd ever been to.
We had an absolute blast at the wedding, and it was great catching up with everyone from home.
The wedding had so many gorgeous details, so I feel like this portion of our trip deserved an entire blog post of its own.
We had pre-wedding cocktails at our hotel bar, The New Orleans Polo Court at the Windsor Court
For whatever reason, I completely forgot New Orleans allows to-go cups at any bar.
It still felt wrong to pour a drink into a cup and walk down the street with it.
I caught myself once or twice looking around and sneakily pouring my drink into a cup if I didn't have time to finish it (college flashback!)
The wedding took place at The Chicory.
I'm a sucker for brick walls and exposed beams.
It was an absolutely perfect venue in a great location.
I love weddings and flowers and bridesmaids. 
So darn much.
Each bridesmaid had a piece of lace from Heather's moms wedding gown attached to their bouquet! 
Heather was a beautiful bride, and Chad is a lucky man to have the privilege of marrying her.
. . . but the ring bearer takes the cake for cutest wedding participant, sorry Chad.
Other than doing a Second Line down the streets of New Orleans escorted by a brass band after the reception, the light up tambourines were one of the greatest things about this wedding.
We also enjoyed spending lots of quality time with the family (and sweet northern boyfriends of the family)
See, Josh, weddings are fun!
In case you love all things wedding related, you can find more pictures from the wedding by looking up the hashtag #chadwedsheather on Instagram. 


A and B said...

Are those flowers real!? Those are absolutely stunning! New Orleans sounds amazing, I think wyoming does the to-go cup thing too!

Britta Marie said...

i love NOLA! looks like so much fun :)

brooke lyn said...

brick walls and exposed beams. two of my favorite things :)

Kate Burkhardt said...

Hi Emily,

Fabulous photos. Looks like a super fun time!



Unknown said...

It looks like you guys had a blast! I love the dress and shoes you wore to the wedding! You look gorgeous :)

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