Weekend in Nola {Part 1: Seeing the City}

Jul 16, 2013

Last weekend we had a wedding in New Orleans for one of our very close family friends. 
Thankfully, we had plenty of spare time to explore the city under the direction of these two strangers who we hired from PrivateNolaTours.com
It's my best friend Elizabeth and her boyfriend Jason, ya know just your average New Orleans locals.
There's hardly anything they don't know about the greatest city in Louisiana.
If you want to stay updated with the best New Orleans bars and restaurants check out Jason's instagram @NolaPartyof2.
Also, Elizabeth is the marketing director for Louisiana Health and Fitness Magazine so if you are in need of good health advice or local fitness activities follow her instagram and twitter @HealthFitMag
We spent most of Friday night in the French Quarter catching up with our family and friends who came in for the wedding.
Our first night out on the town concluded with Mama's burgers.
It's a vital midnight snack to any successful night on Bourbon Street. 
Saturday morning started off on the right note with breakfast at Bittersweet Confections.
I had a croissant, but it wasn't nearly as cute as my post breakfast dessert, a homemade salted caramel.
. . . and their tables and chairs.
I'm fairly certain this is what heaven looks like. 
The Crescent City Farmers Market was right across the street, and the boys grabbed a peach for their breakfast dessert.
Please tell me we aren't the only ones who feel the need to have dessert after breakfast.
Next up: a trolley ride down St. Charles Street to grab drinks on the porch of The Columns Hotel.
Michael was a great trolley director.
Mojitos and mimosas at The Columns.
Can't go wrong.
After stopping by Delachaise Wine Bar for a quick pre-lunch beverage (with Fleetwood Mac playing in the background) . . .  
. . . we then made our way to Dat Dog for lunch.
Even though I'm not the world's biggest hot dog fan, I had a bite of Josh's (which was made from duck meat and covered in blackberry sauce, supposedly Drew Brees's favorite) and kinda liked it, a lot.
The cheddar bacon ranch friends killed it.
. . . and shots happened.
I'm still not sure why.
Thanks Thomas.
Dat Dog was pretty photogenic.
Liz was not going to let me leave New Orleans without stuffing magnificent macarons from Sucre in my mouth.
This was not part of Liz and Jason's grand New Orleans tour, but it surely did give me a chuckle.
I'm pretty sure they missed the memo. 
Following the wedding Saturday night (details coming in a later post) we spent Sunday recuperating with great food and good company.
Jason made reservations for everyone at Cafe Atchafalaya.

I wish I had the words to adequately describe how incredible this meal was.
I'm pretty sure everyone had something different and there wasn't a bad thing on the menu.
After brunch we got incredibly lucky with some pleasant weather and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon on the patio at The Bulldog
Coolest fountain ever?
. . . and it's dog friendly too!
I feel like I say this a lot, but it truly can't be said enough . . .
We really got blessed in the friend department.
Funny, kind, thoughtful people seem hard to come by these days but I feel like we are constantly surrounded by them and I'm so thankful.
I honestly can't remember how many times I told Josh on the plane Sunday night "We have really great friends"
All photo credit goes to the iPhones of either me, Liz, or Jason.
Don't forget to follow @NolaPartyof2 and @HealthFitMag on Instagram for all things New Orleans! 
Part two of our New Orleans trip, coming soon! 


Rachael said...

OMG that table and those chairs!! I agree, that is what heaven must look like! I'm so jealous, I was supposed to go to New Orleans in October but then everyone backed out. I've never been! I want a macaron now. Or five.

Living In The Moment said...

I have only been to New Orleans once with my Family! I think a trip is in order! It looks like you had a great time!

AmyNicole said...

I've never been to NOLA but it seems like everyone I know has visited the city or lives there. Looks like such a fun place!

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