A little musical guest post to get you in the mood, for fall.

Aug 30, 2013

Hello there, friends! I'm Michelle and I live over at On The Adventure. I'm pretty stoked to be here this week and even more so to share this fall playlist with you. If you're anything like me then you change your playlist with each season. I mean thats not crazy, right?

Anybody? Am I alone here?

Whew. That being said, a new season is upon us, and one of my favorites at that. Fall is coming and I am already listening to a few new tracks, and some old friends that remind me of how much I love these upcoming months. Ah, fall is coming, and so very soon. So here are a few tracks to help you welcome the cool breezes, changing leaves, and mornings filled with hot coffee. Its going to be new, freeing, and oh so very exciting.

And get ready for that last one - its a soul shaker! 


Alli said...

This is such a stellar playlist! Ben Howard, Ryan Adams, Apache Relay, Gregory Alan Isakov, All brilliant. I will have to check out the other ones!

Thanks for sharing.

brooke lyn said...

there is totally music for every season and with that comes a new playlist :)

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