Swimming with the stingrays in Grand Cayman

Aug 21, 2013

While we were in Grand Cayman for Jenna's wedding (see more about that here, in case you missed it) we had some spare time to swim with the stingrays at Stingray City!
Josh and I went to Grand Cayman a few years ago, and because we spent most of the time scuba diving we were unable to go to the infamous stingray city. 
We booked our tour through the company Captain Marvin's Stingray City tours, which included three stops, one at Stingray City and then two at various snorkel locations around some reefs. 
It only cost around $40 (which was way cheaper than most other stingray city tours on the island) 
My mom and I went with my friend Emily and her dad.
I truly didn't think I would be scared at all, until I got in the water and realized how big (and friendly) those suckers are.
They would ride straight up your back if you let them! 
They were slippery and slimy, and would come up and eat (or suck) the squid straight from your hand if you let them.
That also caused them to be a bit aggressive, which makes you extra jumpy when you are constantly picture Steve Erwin in the back of your mind.
Just saying.
The snorkeling was awesome.
We saw so many gorgeous coral and fish, but this picture of Emily's dad was probably my favorite from the snorkel stops.

Of course, we got suckered in to buying the professional photos (only because they were hilarious and way better quality than my iphone pics)

If you are ever in Grand Cayman, swimming with the stingrays is a must!
We would highly recommend using Captain Marvin's tours too.
The guides were absolutely great, so entertaining and friendly!


the Florkens said...

Gah!! This looks like sooo much fun!!!


Kristen said...

So much fun!!! I'd so nervous. I've never actually swam with anything or have been up close and personal but I think it was be a wonderful experience. We were going to hang out with the animals when we went to the Bahamas but it was so expensive we didnt! We were supposed to be on a Disney Cruise this week and I think Grand Cayman was one of the stops! Looks beautiful


brooke lyn said...

a) love your bathing suit b) this is on my dream places to visit list!

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