Weekend Smeekend

Aug 12, 2013

Weekends when I am on call tend to force me to be calm, still, and attempt to be productive with the spare time I'm given.
I never know when I could be called in, so I try to take advantage of all the free time I have. 
This weekend we managed to cram in quite a lot of awesomeness:
I got to fix the fractures of a 5 year old and her teddy bear.

We got semi-dressed up for a little sushi date night.
(Side note: Going out to eat when I'm on call really stresses me out, what happens if I have to leave right after we order and I starve to death?)
Saturday morning we went to the farmer's market.
I'm a sucker for pretty, colorful, fresh fruits! 
Somehow, Charlie ended up with more free samples at the farmer's market than we did.
Charlie loves the sunroof, but sometimes it brings out his werewolf side.
Saturday night, I managed to make four pinterest recipes in two hours.
World record?
. .  . if that wasn't awesome enough, then we built a fort.
It was hard to tell who loved the fort more.
Sunday was the perfect day for Bobby D on vinyl. 
(and watching hours of Youtube compilations of the top Vine videos, that's addicting, folks)
I also finally came across the perfect popsicle recipe!
. . . more on that coming later this week, but more importantly, Charlie approved of it
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
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Unknown said...

this looks like such an amazing weekend! I imagine it would be pretty stressful to go out for dinner when being on call. have you ever had to leave a big / important event (like a sushi date, obviously) to head into work?

Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

What a fun weekend!!! How cute. I love all of the pictures. Being called to work while waiting on your dinner that you are so hungry for, would be the worst! However it looks like you got to enjoy it?! Score!

AmyNicole said...

Aww.. cute puppy dog! And I love going to the farmers market!


Jennie said...

Looks like a fun weekend, even though you where called in during dinner:/ Thats no fun

Kristen said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend! The teddy bear is the sweetest thing! Nothing can come between a child and their bear :) And that fresh fruit..oh my goodness. That is exactly why I love living 5 minutes from the country. We went and picked blueberries last week! Charlie is cute too. Isnt that how it always is? You go somewhere for you yet the dog gets the attention and gets spoiled? I saw in y our about me page you graduated form LSU. We're big fans!


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