We survived the 30 day challenge! (Kinda)

Aug 29, 2013

30 days.
24 days.
No beer, no wheat, no fried foods, no soda, no sweets.
It happened.
The only thing I truly went 30 full days without was beer.
I may have had a piece of wedding cake at Josh's sister's wedding.
Josh may have had bread with some hummus (he swears he didn't know naan was bread?)
Last weekend we stuffed our faces with donuts and beer.
You can't really go to a soccer game and sit in the beer garden for $7 and not drink a beer.
Who cares.
At work, I passed up on more cookies and cupcakes and brownies than you can imagine, which is pretty mind-blowing for a sweet addict like myself.
We feel better than ever and even managed to lose a few of those lbs.
(I started back running also, which probably contributed to the weight loss)
I have a major sweet tooth and an addiction to crunchy things, and after some heavy googling and many trails in the kitchen I found the secret:
Toasted coconut chips.
Toast them in a skillet over medium to low heat until they start to brown, and then dust them with stevia and cinnamon. 
I made an entire jarful and find myself constantly using the chips on evvvvverything (and even to help cure that midday snack craving) 
Our go-to meal was often tacos.
Corn tortillas were key to curing that carb craving. 
Another staple was fruits (my nightly kiwi kept me sane)
Even though we cut out the beer, we also still divulged in some wine here and there (and even some liquor)
Speaking of liquor, I may have finally perfected the fudgesicle.
. . . more on that coming soon!
One of my favorite recipes of the "challenge" was these little banana coconut breakfast cupcakes.
Even though it included chocolate chips, we used Enjoy Life chocolate chips (dairy free, soy free, blah blah blah)
The original recipe can be found here  and the only changes I made was that I used half the amount of oats and substituted that for toasted coconut.

. . . but enough of all this healthy nonsense, I need Chick-fil-a.
 We are off to Seattle for a little weekend camping at The Gorge, only to survive on granola bars and PBR.
I think we'll manage.


the Florkens said...

No sweets for 30 days. Geesh! I'm not sure Adam would want to live with me anymore! I may become a monster. haha!


Susan Joy said...

Wow! You go girl! I'm pretty sure that living without sweets would ruin my day. Every day. And you know what they say! When Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. So, for the sake of my family, I better keep indulging that sweet tooth!
Happy to meet you, Emily!

Sue // Chevron & Lace

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