Friday's Letters

Jan 24, 2014

Dear Josh, 
Thanks for doing the laundry this week.
You are a kind 'ol soul.
Dear cronuts,
I'm glad (but also mad) that you exist within one mile from our apartment.
You were magical, but you really aren't helping me fit into my bridesmaid dresses.
Dear Girl's night at Mexican Sugar and really cute cocktails,
I. Love. You.
All of you.
 Dear Charles,
Your butt bed head makes me giggle.
Dear Garth and knitting,
You are two guilty pleasures that I'm not ashamed to take part in.
Dear I don't even know what to say to this
Dear Twisted Root,
You're* grammar is terrible.
See what I did there?
Dear Saturday morning sunlight,
You are my favorite.
Dear Charlie,
Sorry our neighbor pup is cuter than you.
 Dear beer,
Brew faster why dontcha?
Sorry #instagramatemyblog
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Denise said...

hahaha butt bed head!

And seriously when people misuse they're, their and there drives me so crazy!!

Kelly said...

I still have not tried a cronut and I really want to!

xx Kelly
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