Steak, snow, swans, and something very bad in Josh's eyeball

Feb 6, 2014

This week was one for the books.
Josh has been talking about grilling steaks for a few weeks now.
He finally had some free time this week to go grocery shopping for the perfect cuts of meat, and he spent a good 24 hours doing magical things to the previously mentioned meats.
What magical things?
I don't know.
Man things.
He talked these steaks up for a good month and prepared them for what seemed like a month.
Naturally, I expected them to taste like the queens swans.
Did you know the Queen of England owns all swans in England and she is the only one allowed to eat them?
. . . at least that's the word on the street.
Anyways, he had them seasoned to perfection (the steaks, not the swans) last night and was about to sear them on each side in a cast iron skillet of hot grease.
One thing led to another and we ended up at the ER because we were 99% sure Josh just lost an eyeball to some stupid cows.
Hot grease and eyeballs don't mix.
Gangster, right?
They took great care of him, doped him up on pain meds, and sent him to an ophthalmologist to get checked out.
He's all clear with a corneal burn/blister/abrasion and plenty of second degree skin burns around his eye.
I'm just kinda bummed he didn't get an eye patch.
The steaks were fantastic though (even 4 hours later).
Oh and then it snowed and I took a bazillion photos.
Happy Weekend, y'all.

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A and B said...

Brrr....We moved down to Austin for a month, so I feel you on this cold thing! This is worse than seattle!

ps, i'm doing a giveaway through the weekend, if you want to enter!

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