Another Dallas weekend

Aug 28, 2011

We enjoyed a bittersweet birthday celebration this weekend.

Bitter because:
We had to upgrade Charlies dog food to the Adult type.
It's terrible.
He's still a pup!

Sweet because:
He got to have a doggie cupcake from Sprinkles 
(since Josh was too embarrassed to do it himself on his actual birthday)

He thought it was something he wasn't supposed to have so he immediately ran under the bed to eat it.

 I consoled myself with half of a Nutella cupcake from Sprinkles.

. . . and then I found the other half mysteriously disappeared under the bed.

We got to have an amazzzzzing date at Roy's 
(thanks to 75 dolla dolla bills in gift cards)

Watched lots and lots of reruns of these cool cats and counted down to September 15th!

. . . and then we found out one of our favorite things from the 90's was back in action:

Thanks to this text, I got to go see Josh at work on my drive back to good ol Louisiana

1 comment:

Maggie said...

I had no idea Sprinkles made pup-cakes! So cute! Anyways, I know your fascination with Sprinkles cupcakes, and I found a way we can make those super cute little cutouts (aside from cookie cutter, that's boring). Check it out ----->

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