Entertaining texts

Aug 11, 2011

I became a huge fan of parentsshouldnttext.comwrongnumbertexts.com, and damnyouautocorrect.com last year during our long tortuous days in the classroom.

Over the years, I've collected a few funny texts of my own that I think are pretty worthy of making it to the world wide web.

I hope they humor you as much as they have humored me :)

. . . and these don't have any autocorrect mistakes, they are just funny to me


Maggie said...

omg... I'm dying right now. book marked those three websites at the top. thanks for that.. adding to my already 2198736 websites I have to check daily.

BTW.... thanks for HUMPing me up like that to all your followers. preciate it.

Emily said...

haha, i couldn't resist :)
Dad said your text was his favorite one!

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