Memphis trip to see Ed Ved

Aug 24, 2011

A few summers ago Josh & I had the opportunity to go to Memphis for an Eddie Vedder acoustic show.
Looking back on it, the shoe definitely ranks in my top 5 favorite concert experiences.

The venue was wonderful and the show was phenomenal.
Eddie pulled out his ukelele and mandolin and played multiple songs from the "Into the Wild" soundtrack.
The set list included a cover of "Can't Help Falling in Love", which he'd only ever played once before, at the request of Johnny Ramone. 
He also played a few other covers like "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" & "Let My Love Open the Door" & "Forever Young"
. . . but my favorite cover of all was "The Golden State" with Eliza. 

 One of my favorite things about the show was Eddie's banter.
At one point, someone in the crowd screamed "I love you, Eddie!" and he replied "Where have you been all those lonely nights when I needed you?"

I got some really great videos too, which I attempted to put on YouTube a while back, and Pearl Jam's Ten Club promptly removed them for copyright issues.
Very kind.
So I'm too scared to put them on here, but take my word for it . . .
They were amazing.

While in Memphis, we hit up a few Man vs. Food stops like the Kooky Canuck

Gooooodness gracious thats a pretty shattered iPhone screen.

S'mores for dessert. Duh.

This entertained me.

. . . as did this particular individual on Beale Street.

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