Top Golf is the cooooolest

Aug 9, 2011

This past weekend Mikey, Marshall, and I went back to Dallas to hang out with Josh.
We got the experience the awesomeness that is Top Golf!
It is basically a driving range on steroids.
Calloway made special golf balls just for Top Golf with tracking devices implanted in them, kinda like what Apple secretly incorporated into the iPhone.
There are a bunch of big 'ol targets out in the driving range that you aim for (or in my case, get lucky enough to land in/near/around).
It's pretty much like golf, darts, and bowling had a big fat totally awesome baby. 

. . . and best of all . . .

There's food AND beer.

I had a realllly rubbery gulf club, can't you tell?

Awkward face contest.

Look at those calvvvvvvvvves. Dayyyang.

I was basically a really pale, freckly Tiger Woods.

Charles is the best shacker ever.

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