The first step is admitting you have a problem . . .

Aug 18, 2011

I'm a chronic nail biter.

I said it.

I must stop.
It's gross and weird and stupid.
If I wanna be medical professional when I grow up (aka August 2012) then I for realllll gotta stop.

But sometimes, I just look down at my nails a see a little jagged edge and I can't help it. 
I have to fix it.
Who carries around nail clippers in their pockets?
Nothing is easier than just taking care of it yourself.

But that's gross and bad bad bad.

First attempt:
Self control tactic.

Second attempt:
Painting my nails pretty colors.

So we went to Ulta on Tuesday, and I invested in this little gem:
. . . which tastes like acid mixed with even more acidic acid.
I made Jenna and Trish taste it and they agreed.
Whatever works, right?

What if they made weird flavors like those Harry Potter Jelly Beans?
Boogers, vomit, rotten egg and dirt?
I think I have a million dollar idea here! Invest in me!

So anyways . . .

Cross your fings for my fings

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