Two Surprises In One Tuesday

Aug 3, 2011

Yesterday was guuuhreat because . . .

1) NPR did a surprise live stream of the Bon Iver show last night which blew our brains out

-the DJ said it was the most captivated audience he has ever seen
-they encored with "For Emma" or as Josh likes to call it "For Emmmaaaa-lyyyy" which just so happens to be my favorite/the only song I can play on the piano
-the whole show will be available for download on their website
-only 41 more days til its our turn to be the most captivated audience!


2) I happened to come across an old memory card filled with tons of magical goodies such as this:

and this

and this

I found some long lost concert footage, random videos from a not very sober night in college, and a few videos of my main man Leonard Knight!

I uploaded almost every video I own to YouTube last night so click here to be entertained!

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