Nov 4, 2011

Josh, the king of the dabblers, discovered a new activity: slacklining.
(Surprise, surprise)
Josh introduced slacklining to me as "what professional rock climbers do in the off-season" so it only made sense for us (being the professional rock climbers that we are) to invest in a slackline and almost kill ourselves in the process.
I'm completely addicted . . . and I'm not too bad, I might add.

It's basically, tight rope walking with nylon webbing anchored to some trees.
The pros like to do it across ravines, canyons, and crazy things like that . . . but we just stuck to the whole snow/leave/grass thing.
Josh got all the slacklining materials for Christmas last year, so we got a lot of practicing in while we were in Atlanta.
Now, we are pretty much pros . . .
If only that dang elk hadn't interfered with our Grand Canyon plans, we miiiiight could have slacklined right across.

Josh's dad made a solid effort.

Oh you know, I'm just slacklinin' while my dog plays in the tree house. 

Once we collected enough blood, bruises, and broken bones (kidding) I just took lots of pics of Charles.

. . . and then he bit my face.

He's definitely a weird one.

. . . and so is he.

Feisty, eh?

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