Weekend Smeekend

Apr 17, 2012

Spending the weekend visiting Josh in Dallas always feels like a little vacation to me.
. . . anything 30+ minutes from Shreveport feels like a vacation to me.
We had all the best intentions of going to the Big Texas Beer Fest, but um, it didn't happen. 
Instead, we had our own little fest . . . 

Friday night dinner: Twisted Root Burger Co!
I incorporated goat cheese into my meal for the 5th time last week, true story.

Look at all the meats!
Decisions, decisions.

This night will forever hold a place in my heart.
I tried, and fell in love, with pickles.
Bread and butter pickles to be exact.
I've already googled the process of canning and pickling.
Bring it on cucumbers, you are all mine.

(P.S. Tegan! I did it! Chambray!)

Then we gave Charles a little swim lesson.

Plano's Earth Day Learn 2 Live Green Festival
 (Why so many words, festival? Be easier to say, it's way cooler that way)

My favorite exhibit . . .

The day was filled with a little bit of biking (that was the green part) and a little bit of shopping (money is also green, so I guess that counts too).
We concluded the festival being SUPER green by buying this hardback book which was on sale for $10 at Urban.
It wasn't on sale on my Kindle, and the tree was already dead before I bought it, ok?

Mediterranean food at Mama Pita.
I tried baklava . . . and then Ellie shot down all my feelings of coolness.

What do you do when you can't choose where to have dinner?
(and you don't trust Josh with that frying pan)

So you Appetizer hop!

(Note: We did not spend 99% of the weekend eating, like these pictures lead you to believe. I actually studied in between stuffing our faces, but no one wants to see pictures of that, right?)

For starters, you go back to Twisted Root and get more pickles aaaaand make Josh take a shot of bacon bourbon.

Next stop, Cafe Istanbul for hummus and Josh's favorite beer from Turkey. 


My imaginary caption to this photo:
Waiter: "Sir, you have Diabetes"

We were supposed to spend the weekend lounging around heeeeere . . . 
but then some tornados and stuff come through and kinda shot that idea to the wolves.

 Oh yea, and here's this little piece of awesomeness:

My monster test (the fourth and final primary care rotation test) is this Friday, so please excuse the blog suckage while I become a PA school zombie for the next few days.
Don't hate me.

I have a really really realllyyyyy funny story to share with y'all, so bear with me.
It's coming!


The Adventurer said...

Remember how we are the same? And how I eat goat cheese on everything? And how Twisted Root is AMAZING?

Also, in other news, I need you to fill me in on the bacon bourbon. Did Josh a. enjoy b. hate c. feel weird about or d. no comment?

A girl needs. to. know.

Kim said...

gah! you're too cute!

found the route

Breakfast at the Zemke's said...

Wahoo! I love Ron Paul, that shirt is so legit I want it!

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

that ostrich is terrifying looking! haha

Anonymous said...

I love your photo & story filled posts - hehe which totally make me feel like a home barricaded non-social person ;)

Never tried hummus btw. And I don't like pickles, heh :> Maybe because the ones you get from McDonalds or such are really disgusting.. Except once I had them in some soup I think, and they added a nice, different savoury touch.

x Satu

Indie by Heart

Unknown said...

Shiner bock and pickles, doesn't get much better than that! Cute blog!

xo, Megan


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