Marriage so far . . .

Jul 31, 2013

I tried my best to go into marriage with no expectations.
Who would ever expect a near naked boy interrupting your bath time with a banjo serenade?
I had no clue what it would be like to have a full-time boy roommate (plus a dog roommate).
The occasional couch and rug stain frustrations (via man and dog) are immediately erased after sweet mornings like this. 
Before we got married, I always wondered if I would get sick of Josh being there 24/7 and feel the need to have some "me time"
Not the case.
I'm pretty sure Charlie is the only one feeling the need for "me time" after the psychological abuse he receives. 
I also wondered if we would succumb to the oh-so-common post-marriage weight gain phenomenon.
BUT staying active with this guy isn't the problem, the endless food and drink options around Dallas is the problem.
In the future, when I think back on our first year of marriage, I think my memory will be primarily filled with images similar to this.
I don't think I say it enough, but I'm terribly thankful for these two boys.


Unknown said...

so sweet! I am a huge fan of the banjo!

Elle said...

too sweet! there really is nothing better than a guy and the pooch snuggled up

Kaity B. said...

Love it! I felt the same reservations about living with my husband, but it's been awesome! I can't get enough of him! Lol

Baylee said...


Audrey @ An Aud Blog said...

Oh my gosh, the image of Josh with the paper bag on his head scaring Charlie reminds me so much of every day with my fiance and our dog Bonnie. Yesterday he chased her with a balloon! Must be a guy thing??

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