Once upon a time . . .

Jul 19, 2013

 . . . Josh thought he would be hilarious by writing a country song about college.
I may be biased, but in my humble opinion I believe that it ended up being more awesome than funny.
I cried.
It made me miss college. 
So much.
He included references to their old house where everyone would gather after the bar to play music (after they had gained some liquid courage, of course) and references to our favorite restaurant (Sundown) and even a reference to the time period where I was in grad school and driving back and forth on the weekends to visit everyone. 
This is the first song Josh has ever written himself and recorded.
It only took me 6 months to convince him to let me post it on the internet.
His one stipulation was that I state that this was only a country imitation and that he was not being serious by any means.
(I mean, didn't the cheesy grin and flailing eyebrows not make that clear enough?)

He's slowly but surely gaining confidence.
Cross your fingers for a new recording next week.
My vote goes towards either The Avett Brothers or Bob Dylan.
Happy Friday!


brooke lyn said...

Mr. Dylan! No Avett Bros. No...BOTH!

Kelsey said...

Omg, those facial expressions. I'm dying. Anyway I think it's great (they all are!) and he could seriously be famous. No joke. I think any cover he does will be awesome!! My faovrite so far is the TMOE Gardener cover.

Kelsey said...

Take that back, I forgot about the November Blue cover!

jessanneharrop said...

i'm going into my senior year of college, and am already thinking about how time is going to fly and i'm going to miss it so much!

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

he can "joke" the country all he wants but that boy can sing some country music - great original song!

Diana, Down Home Traveler said...

Imitation or not, that was pretty good! He's got some talent!

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