Two-for-Tunesday: Josh covers Bob Dylan + Avett Brothers New Song

Jul 30, 2013

We get some Dylan from Josh
. . . all the magic that comes after the two minute mark stays on repeat in my car.

. . . in case that didn't tickle your fancy (if it didn't then we can't be friends, sorry) there's this:
The Avett Brothers performed a "never-before-heard" song backstage at the Newport Folk Festival. 
Happy Tunesday, folks.


brooke lyn said...

NPR has the entire Avett Bros. concert to listen to on their website. it's lovely. almost as lovely as this Dylan cover :)

Kate said...

Soo.. I just found your blog. And the second I saw "Avett Bros" and "Bob Dylan" in a post title, I knew I was in for a good time! :)

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