A little trip back to our favorite city in the country

Sep 4, 2013

We have just returned from another trip to our happy place(s).
Seattle & The Gorge.
For all of you out there who have the privilege of living in the pacific northwest, I envy you terribly.
The weather (I'm kinda the world's biggest fan of rain), the trees, the fog, the food, the people.
Josh and I were lucky enough to spend the entire weekend with my brother and three of our best friends.
(Disclaimer: Marshall hadn't made it to meet us yet in time for the group photo, he was staying with his sister)
This trip marked mine and Josh's third trip to Seattle together.
We have developed a little tradition over the years.
We fly into Seattle and stay at the Queen Anne Inn for a night, go out at Floyd's next door (which includes pitchers of beer and a few rounds of darts), followed by late night burgers at Dick's, then we wake up the next morning and make the three hour drive to The Gorge.
This tradition was started about six years ago on Josh's first trip to the Gorge with some of his buddies, and it just kinda stuck.
We were rather impressed with Floyd's high-tech, fancy-smancy new dart board too.
In a late night, not-so-sober stupor, we bought these at the grocery store nearby.
The coconut curry was a no-go, but the french toast chocolate bar was phenomenal. 
To be honest because we love Queen Anne and Floyd's so darn much, we haven't seen thaaaaat much of the city other than the highlights.
. . . and that little 'ol thing is pretty cute at nighttime, too.
I'm pretty proud of myself for actually using my DSLR this time.
The 50mm lens worked wonders in this so very photogenic city.
I'm a sucker for the gum wall.
There were lots of passionate feelings at the gum wall this year.
. . . and bees. 
Lots of bees.
Now, I'm not the biggest fan of veggies, but I swear these are the cutest darn vegetables I have ever seen.
Don't let Josh's awkwardness fool you, he loves taking photos with me.
-no one ever
After we grabbed Marshall off the streets like a bum, I loaded up the mini-van with all my little soccer moms and we headed east. 
Despite the fact that I was stuck in the car with five idiots (who I love dearly and who are also THE funniest people I know) for three excruciating hours, I survived easily because the drive to the Gorge is probably my favorite drive of all time.
Co-pilot of the year, right here.
This view makes me the happiest girl in the world.
(Plus the fact that I get to wear pants, closed toed shoes, and a sweater in August)
This view is what my dreams are made of
 (minus the whole 18-wheeler and Ford truck thing, I should get better a photoshop)
Sorry Texas, 
I didn't think about you for one whole second while I was gone. 

Check back later for scenes from the rest of our trip! 


A and B said...

Ahh glad you love Seattle and the PNW! The drive over the pass is always so stunning! Though that theo coconut curry bar is my favorite :) PS. did you know you can visit theo and taste every single bar they have/ do a factory tour? Hands down my favorite activity!

brooke lyn said...

I <3 the PNW you'll have to venture down to Portland sometime :)

CWY said...

love these photos!

Jess said...

I am so in love with the Pacific Northwest. I am headed to Seattle at the end of October and I'm so excited to be in that beautiful city! You guys should come to Boise sometime, it's like a smaller Seattle and it's absolutely lovely!

Little Tranquility said...

Yay, Seattle! I live here! :) Love the photos! Your blog is lovely, too! :)

Hannah said...

So jealous! I've never been!
Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

Kelsey said...

The PNW is by far the most beautiful drive I've ever taken! I thought going up the entire coast of California would beat it, but not even close!! Looks like you had a great time!

Susan Joy said...

I went to Portland once... That's all I got.
Those photos are beautiful and it looks like you had a fantastic time, and I am envious of the whole sweater, pants, and closed-toed-shoes thing.

Sue // Chevron & Lace

Victoria Carson said...

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