A birthday weekend full of surprises

Nov 14, 2011

This weekend was slam-packed full of happiness and surprises:

The sweetest roomie in the world, Trish, surprised me Friday morning when I woke up at the buttcrack of dawn (4:30).
It truly made the yuckiness of being at the hospital for 12 hours not thaaaat bad.
I'm blessed to be friends with such a sweet girl!

She even made cinnamon rolls for me for breakfast!

. . . and then mom made me cry via Facebook.

Friday night we got a group together to go eat at Noble Savage downtown.

Yay for Josh getting the weekend off work!

Josh surprised me with a new camera lens . . .

. . . and Jenna surprised me with a pralines & cream king cake!
(The king cake made a great model for me to play around with the new lens)
Have I mentioned that these people are the greatest??

. . . and thennnnn Jennifer surprised me with herself!
(After she had told me all week long she couldn't get off work Friday night)

I got to hang out with allllll my favorite peeps!

So glad Emily & Chase made it too!

So emo.


Mr. Moneybags

King cake is the greatest birthday cake.

I'm a nerd.
. . . but hey, this day is once in a lifetime.

Later we went to Fatty's.

. . . and I danced with a Frenchman, who looked like Johnny Depp, and he gave me a Pez which I immediately (sneakily) spit out on the floor in fear of it being something scary/poisonous/deadly.

I love these girls more than you'll ever know.

Saturday I finally got to pick out a new bike, since I've been bikeless after the great bike theft incident of 2011.
 . . . and Josh pulled more tricks out of his sleeve and surprised me with a bike rack!
(Which we had to put on his car because I don't have a hitch, awesome.)

Josh never fails to make me laugh . . .

We got in lots of quality Charles time.

Just practicing with the lens . . . 

Family photo after date night at Raw.
Yes, we drove to Ruston to eat at Raw.
So worth it.

We spent most of Sunday looking at this book and resting and eating and Charlie-ing.

This weekend was definitely one to remember!
I am so thankful for the amazing people I am blessed to be surrounded by.

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