Nov 11, 2011

I remember trying to calculate how I old I would be on 11-11-11 when I was younger.
Once I did the math and realized I would be turning 24 on that date, I got pretty sad because of how far away (and NOT exciting) that age seemed.
I've always loved the actual date of my birthday because it's easy to remember and when people ask when my birthday is, it is usually followed by these fun facts:
I was born on  11/11, Michael was born on 7/7, and Ellie (supposedly) was supposed to be born on 5/5, but the doctor had a vacation planned so they had to induce.

It was also on this day last year that Jenna and I bravely decided to skip our first (and last) PA school class, sleep in, then grab breakfast at Chick-fil-a.
Best decision of our PA school career.
(and probably the scariest at the time)

Anyways, we had a little birthday dinner get together with the Pine Forest gang last weekend . . .
Mrs. Laura so kindly dressed up her stuffed creature for the occasion. 
Is it a possum?

Mom made pink lemonade cupcakes!
 (Pinterest style, of course)

Mom also made the greatest fried pickles of my liiiiiiife.
(Paula Deen style!)

The dads had just gone fishin in Hackberry, so we got to have grilled flounder stuffed with crab meat.

. . . and dad fried some red fish too! (or maybe it was trout?)

Mom made my favorite birthday cake of all time . . . 

. . . and Amber and James brought their new puppy!

It wouldn't be a family dinner without Ash there, so we FaceTimed her from Oxford.

Ellie wouldn't cooperate for a picture.

Thanks again mom and Mrs. Laura for everything Sunday night, the party was absolutely wonderful!

It's hard to believe that I am now 24 (I mean, I don't feeeeel like a 24 year old).
Mom told me the other night that this year I will be exactly half her age, which is even weirder to me. (Sorry for throwing that out there mom) 
You don't look "twice my age" by any means!
I'm am very blessed to have lived 24 whole years under the amazing care and guidance from the two greatest, most loving and Godly parents in the world.
I couldn't have asked for better parents (or a better brother and sister) to grow up with!
Y'all mean more to me than you'll ever know!
Thank you for each of these 24 years.
I love you!

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