Scuba time!

Nov 9, 2011

One of our absolute favorite things we've been able to do in the past few years together is go scuba diving.
It's not that often that we get to chance to go to the Caribbean, but when we do we talk full advantage of our time.
So far we've only been able to dive three different times in Cozumel, but we have so many places on our "to dive" list . . . 

This looks like one of those pics you would see on the news of two people who "mysteriously" died while scuba diving in Mexico.

How dreeeeeammmyyyyy.

Being 100 ft under the ocean is only a tad bit freaky, right?

We were too scared to take the underwater camera down too deep, so I only got a few good underwater pics.
Of them all, this was my favorite . . . I'm in love with blowfish!

Our wonderful guide in Cozumel.

Freckle attack!

I think probably the main reason I fell in love with scuba diving is because it's like a real life Finding Nemo down there "unda da sea" (channelling my inner Sebastian).
Seriously though, thats one of my favorite movies and it's pretty mind blowing how the artists hit the nail on the head with pretty much everything from the movie . . . except for the whole speaking whale thing.

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