Why Josh is the coolest

Nov 16, 2011

There are many reasons why I'm quite fond of this odd little individual:

One of them being the fact that he is so very brave . . .

I also think its really sweet that he "let Charlie build himself a man cave".

His brain works in mysterious ways . . . 

He made his own app for the blog on his phone!
So kind.
I think he's just entertained by the Spidey pic.

He has a sense of humor unlike any other . . .

. . . speaking of Casey Anthony. . .
Josh sends me funny pics like this:

. . . and this.

He puts air in my tires (before we realized I had a nail in it) and then he came to change my tire for me (even though I insisted I could do it myself.)
Not sure why I filmed him doing it . . .

. . . and finally:

When I was cooking dinner the other night, I asked Josh to stop by the store and grab some "nice" cheese and some crackers, to go with some wine I picked out.
(Every once in a while, we can be sophisticated and fancy, right?)
I immediately regretted not specifying a type of cracker.
This is what he returned with.

Shoulda known.
He assumed I would be offended by him boring 'ol saltines, and he bought them as joke crackers just to see my reaction.
Rude, right?
Right after I kindly offered to go back to the store to get nicer crackers, he pulled these crack-a-lackas out.

. . . see how mad I was?


. . . and even though he's the meanest trickster in the world, I guess I still love him.
A bunch.

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