Killing for the Crown

Nov 22, 2011

This past weekend we got together we celebrated Amy’s “Last Fling Before the Ring” by participating in a murder mystery dinner party thrown by her sister, mom, and aunt.

The theme was “Killing for the Crown” and we were each assigned a role as a contestant in the Miss America Pageant.
There were no scripts, we just were required to stay “in character” throughout the evening and follow up with various tasks we were given in order to solve the murder.
For example, one of my tasks was to go talk to Miss California about the grudge she was holding against Miss Texas (my step-sister who was only in the pageant to get a new car from our dear father).
. . . and we ate it up.

It was most definitely by far one of the funniest, most entertaining things I’ve ever taken part in.
I only wish we had a hidden camera that had documented some of the ridiculous things we said and did.
I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves . . .

The Bachelorette and I, and my failed attempt at a sombrero crown.

The food was SO GOOD.

Oh no!
Someone died!

Time for dessert!

Amy's sister Emily was the pageant coordinator.

The cosmos were fab!


Perkins receiving her award for being the best participator around!

Amy won best dressed!

. . . all the evidence!

Amy and the wonderful hostesses!

Now time for a night out on the town . . .

. . . and then Painting with a Twist lingerie shower on Sunday!

. . . what a fun filled weekend!
Almost time for Amy to get MARRIED!


Amy Thib said...

Love it so much! It was definitely a weekend to remember:)

Maggie said...

Aww! Looks like yall had so much fun!!

Vladko said...

I think it’s true. I saw in Murder mystery party Melbourne and here something happened like this. It’s very common for this era that people are fighting for fame and money.

Teresa said...

This is truly interesting. You can select to obtain various Murder Mystery Games which will include more enjoyments as well as thrills into the party. They have an outstanding and impressive storyline as much as draw in everybody.

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