Visiting Georgia & Saints/Falcons Game

Nov 2, 2011

Last Christmas, we got the chance to go visit Josh's family in Georgia & attend the Saints/Falcons Monday Night Football Game in Atlanta.
This game determined if the Saints made it to the playoffs (I think?) so it was a pretty great experience. (Even though I don't claim to be the world's biggest Saints fan or anything.)

It snowed the majority of the drive to Atlanta, and we couldn't dare leave Charles behind, so he got to experience snow for the first time.

How can anyone sleep through Modern Family?

We got to test out Vortex Burger (another Man vs Food stop) in downtown Atlanta.

 Good 'Ol Stuart Scott

We were VERY entertained by the Samual L. Jackson "pump up" videos they played throughout the game.


Biebs was there!

Guess who won?!?!

I'm pretty amazed Josh returned home from the game alive, because afterwards (while walking through the crowds of thousands of Falcon fans) he kept screaming "Where's Samuel L. Jackson now??"

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