Ringin' in the New Year in Asheville, NC

Nov 15, 2011

After spending most of the week after Christmas in Woodstock with Josh's family, we packed up and drove to Asheville, NC for a two night Avett Brothers Concert.

Fun fact:
Asheville was recently voted Beer City USA (for the third year in a row!) so we thoroughly enjoyed our share of beer tasting.

Charlie and I had a good nap on the ride through the mountains.

Night one!

What a lovely individual.

The first night with the Avett Brothers turned out pretty spectacular (as expected!)

Before the night two show, we spent some time downtown and visited the Green Man Brewery.
(Supposedly North Carolina's second brewery?)

Then I took Charles on a nice little walk around town . . .

New Year's Eve family photo!

We had dinner at the Asheville brewery and got a sampler of beer (the best way to go!)
We are not the type to skip out on trying anything and everything.
My favorite thing at the restaurant was the beer cheese!

Thanks buddy, for the awkward solo pic.

Night two with the Avett boys was filled with surprises:
The opened the show by covering Sam Cooke's "Cupid"
They debuted a new song unofficially titled  "The Once and Future Carpenter" which is expected to be on their new album!
Their sister Bonnie came out and sang "Swept Away" and "Go To Sleep" with them.
Jessica Lea Mayfield came out and sang "For Today" with the boys as well.
(See the video here!)
. . . and then, as if there wasn't enough family bonding going on already . . .
The guys' dad Jim Avett came out on stage for the encore and played the hymn "I Want To Be Ready"

The midnight countdown was prettttyyyyyyy exciting.

. . . and then there was popcorn, of an unknown origin.

Even though we had an overload of fun experiences on this trip, the highlight of our trip to Georgia and North Carolina was probably this moment right here:

One afternoon Josh realized he misplaced his sunglasses. 
We searched all over the house and couldn't find them anywhere.
After a few hours we looked in the backyard to see this little creature patiently holding an in-tact, un-chewed up pair of sunglasses.
I truly, without a doubt believe that he knew all along.


My Life as Whitney said...

OH my goodness your doggie is precious! Looks like you had an amazing time!

Emily said...

hah, thanks so much! you are too sweet! Charles is a handful!

Nicole Jeannette said...

LOVE the paw print picture!

Emily said...

thank ya thank ya!

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