I don't like country music, but . . .

Jan 6, 2012

Even though I am not a fan of today's country music (except Taylor Swift, sue me) I will always have a place in my heart for the country music of my childhood.

One of my all time favorite George Strait songs was "Run" and T. Swift covered it earlier this year at a George Strait all star concert.

I think it's all the Dallas references that really get me . . . 
You know,
"Leave Dallas in the dust
I need you in a rush
So baby runnnn"

I can sang it reaaaaal nice in my country accent, via FaceTime to my little 'ol boyfriend in Dallas.
Even though I seriously don't do that, ever.

Josh, speaking of leaving Dallas in the dust, while you are at it, bring me one of Sprinkles new S'mores cupcakes (developed by Blake Lively!) please please pleaaaaaaase.
pic via Sprinkles.com


whit | Black Little Button blog said...

This is a song my husband and I used to love when we were dating. We love George Strait's songs. Especially "El Rey" cover he did, that's my husband for you. ha ha

Thanks for sharing.


Emily said...

aw thats so sweet! george is pretty darn great!

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