Another Dallas weekend

Jan 29, 2012

So pumped to see this little skinny non bearded boy!
(What happened to my boyfriend?)
He has lost over 30 lbs doin p90x and p90x2! 
He's. A. Beast. 

. . . and so pumped to see this little rascal!

Friday night, we enjoyed a little date night at Fireside Pies, accompanied by this blood orange martini.

We fluffed Charlie up.

Doggie bakeries make me uncomfortable.

"woofie pie" 

Remember how I said I wanted a xylophone
Well Josh's keyboard has xylophone mode.
Jam. Sesh.

We even recorded a little mini version of Blood Bank with Josh is on the guitar and I'm on the keys . . . but I can't make it upload on here so, sorrryyy.

Off to meet up with Josh's dad and spend the afternoon playing a few rounds of top golf!

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