Tunes [Maggie & I] love: Givers

Jan 12, 2012

Sorry for the music overload this week . . .
Just kidding, I'm not sorry.
I'm kinda suuuuuper duper pumped today, because Givers (plus Young Man) are in town!
It's not that often that Shreveport gets to experience great music.
 (I'm still trying to figure out why Edward Sharpe came to The Collective)
but anyways . . . 
As soon as I get done at the VA today, and Mag gets off work, we are heading downtown to experience some incredibly happy happy happy live music.
I've been having live music withdrawals.
Chief Complaint: "the shakes"/nausea/vomiting/hallucinations/etc.
Sorry to go all PA student on you.

Currently, my favorite song is Ceiling of Plankton:

. . . and here's their NPR Tiny Desk Concert

If only Josh were here to experience the wonders Shreveport has to offer . . .
(sarcasm times infinity)


Anonymous said...

Love love love Givers!

★ JASMINE ★ said...

LOVE the blog darling! keep up the great posts! <3333

Now following you... would love it if you could visit sometime and follow back?


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