Pearls + Bobby Pins + Bob Dylan + Bon Joviver

Jan 24, 2012

Whoulda thought that bobby pins and fishin line and cheap plastic pearls can kinda be classy?
It was super easy, and suuuuuuper cheap!
(I feel like I say that a lot)

Start by tying a knot with the fishing line on the end of the bobby pin.
You want to string the pearls along the flat side of the pin (by the way, did you know the correct way to wear bobby pins is with the bent side towards your scalp?)
Anywho, just string the line through the first pearl, wrap the line down and underneath the base of the bobby pin, then string it backwards through the pearl (So now you have the string back at the tip of the pin where you started)
After that, wrap the fishing line back under the pin again, and then string it back (forward) through the same pearl.
(That sounded confusing. Basically, you just want to anchor each pearl individually on both sides of it before you begin to string another. It was pretty much trial and error until I felt like the string had the pearls secure enough)
I suck at being clear, so email me if you get toooo confused.

After I knotted the string at the end, I added a dab of super glue here and there just to be safe.

Have you seen this masterpiece?
Bon Iver+Bon Jovi

On another note, a ridiculously good Bob Dylan cover album was released today with 75 songs, ranging from the good artists (Dave Matthews Band, Avett Brothers, and Michael Franti) to the terrible artists (Miley Cyrus & Ke$ha) 
True story.
(In Miley's defense, her version of "You're gonna make me lonesome when you go" isn't that bad)
Go buy it now (or if you are a cheapooo just stream it for free here!)

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Unknown said...
This is a lovely tute...i will surely try this. Thanks for sharing.

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