Beanie Babies: The Revolution

Jan 20, 2012

Admit it.
You participated in The Great Beanie Saga of the 90's.

You were an enabler.
. . . and you knew you were gonna one day be a bazillionaire, so you refused to take the tags off (or even let you children so much as touch them.)
Mom, I'm talking to you and your Princess Diana Bear.

No joke, a few years ago Ellie and I wrote up a list of all our beans, and googled their legitimate value.
Guess what we found?
The majority of them were worth 50 cents, and a few here and there were worth $1.
Correct, one whooooooole dolla. 

Ty, you suck.
Whoever you are.


Amy Greathouse said...

I admit it and I still have all of them too.

I started adding mine on top of birthday/baby/holiday gifts...I'll be sure to put one on your birthday gift next year:)

Emily said...

Brillant! can i make requests? haha, I would like either Inch the worm, batty the bat, or Nana the monkey!

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