Our MLK 3 day weekend [via Instagram]

Jan 17, 2012

This past weekend was slam packed full of fantastic things like . . . 

Our monthly Whiskey Cake date night
(Twice in one weekend. Extreme.)

Hanging out (again) with our bestie, Tony.
We love him, but we hate him.

. . . and I was rewarded with a Blake Lively s'more cupcake!

 Charles has ample tennis ball storage capacity in his floppy cheeks.

Showdown: Charlie vs. Longhorn 

Bacon flavored popcorn for dogs.

We finally got to try the Dreaming Tree wine I have been looking forward to most of all: Crush.

Cinnamon toast kettle corn.
True story.

This month I'm on a paid rotation at the VA, so I couldn't resist a little first splurge from my first (kinda real life) paycheck!
I thought about it long and hard all weekend, chose a style, called around all over Dallas, found the ones I wanted, made the purchase, changed my mind, then returned to the store to exchange them for a different pair.
So, basically, I provided a new pair of glasses for a kid in need, took them away, then gave them right back to the poor kid. 
I pretty much feel like a terrible person.

Charles vs. ye mount 'o leaves

Oh yea, and we spent a lot of time laughing til we cried over this commercial:
Highlight: the 11 second mark
(Watch the bonus footage video too!)
I'm pretty positive asparagus gives me nightmares as well . . .

This was most definitely one of my favorite weekends in Dallas in a while.
As of right now, it could potentially be one of my last trips to visit the two boys . . .  
Josh is interviewing this week for a job in my neck of the woods!
Be sure to say a little prayer for him!

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Hannah Crain said...

i. want. that. cupcakeeee! sprinkles cupcakes? i think i recognize the display. my friend jess and i love our cupcakes and tried spinkles last spring on random/but happy discovery in dallas. red jett cupcake truck is sometimes at the fort worth food park and it has a sticker that it was featured on cupcake wars...bourbon pecan carmel cupcake. delicious!

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