Josh strikes again . . .

Jan 10, 2012

Remember a billion years ago when I posted about Lana del Rey?
Well Josh sucks.
He (once again) found someone awesome before they became awesome.
(Awesome in the mainstream sense, which drives him nuts)
He doesn't really suck though, I'm just jealous of his skills.
Her EP is released on iTunes today and the iTunes free single of the week is her song "Born To Die".
My personal favorite is "Blue Jeans"

. . . and Maggie's personal fav is this lovely little tune, right Mag?
Sorry to say, this one isn't on the EP.

. . . anddddd to top it all off she's gonna be the musical guest on SNL this week!
Set ye 'ol Tivo stat! 

1 comment:

Maggie said...

You are correct...It's just so catchy.

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