Another weekend rock climbing adventure

Jan 19, 2012

Last January (MLK weekend 2011, to be exact) we both had a 3 day weekend, so we took another little vacay to north Arkansas to do some climbing.
We had already tried out Horseshoe Canyon Ranch (and fell in love with it) so it was reallllly hard not to accidentally get lost and end up back there.

Anyways, in the spirit of diversity, we found a little climbing spot at Mt. Magazine State Park.
It's right between Little Rock and Ft. Smith (which just so happened to be the highest point in Arkansas). 
There was still snow on the ground, which made for interesting camping, but we made do . . . 

It was Charlie's second camping trip (and second time to be around snow) and he was quite a trooper!

It was kinda weird, with just this huge ol mountain sitting in the middle of nowhere, but the views from the top were pretty great.
Since we only have gear for sports climbing, we weren't able to do many of the routes at this park, but we enjoyed the few that we were able to do.
(Horseshoe Canyon is still our pick for the best sport climbing routes around)

Josh had just gotten me a tripod for my camera for Christmas, and we got to test it out on the side of the mountain.

Take 2!

After a little climbing we made time for a nice little picnic.

Puppy Charles was only 6 months old right there!

We prepared some tin foil wrapped lunches (a little chicken, sweet potato, onion, ginger, soy sauce concoction) in advance, so we could just throw them on the grill and stuff our faces.

Turned out pretty darn amazing if I do say so myself.
Potential recipe post coming soon?

We headed to Fayetteville for the last part of the trip, and found a pretty interesting climbing gym.
It was built inside an old chicken coop.
It was definitely one of the coolest gyms we've ever been to, but I was too intimidated by the regulars to take any pics of the inside, so sorry.
They were all like "whoa what are you doing here loser girl with your loser beardy dude?"
So I quickly turned off the tourist mode and snapped into "I do this everyday" mode.

. . . then we crossed over a really scary one lane wooden bridge over a frozen pond.

'twas another fun, successful weekend!

On another note,
I'm working on a little blog makeover this week, so be on the lookout for some ch-ch-cha-changesss.
I just can't stand looking at that dang dandelion and the polka dots any longer.

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