Silly Mikey

Mar 6, 2012

I just wanna take a second to brag on my little brother's creativity.
He is in the same fraternity as Josh was in college (Sigma Nu) and I can't get over some of his latest outfits for their parties.

The theme for their exchange with Sigma Kappa was "Disney movies" so he appropriately dressed up as a member from Team Pup-n-Suds from the hit Disney Original movie "Brink"
(We were obsessed! Anyone remember? Motocrossed? Smart House? Zenon? Johnny Tsunami?)
Anywaysss, twas brilliant!

For Halloween, he was Blake from Workaholics.

See the resemblance?

He once told me, "With long hair, the possibilities are endless."

. . . and then they had a "Letter S" exchange, so naturally, he wore a snuggie.
A really ugly snuggie. 

Sometimes he can be normal . . . 

. . . but it's not very often.

I couldn't do this post without including my all time fav Mikey pic:

On another note . . .
I'm being featured on one of my all time favorite blogs Mr. Taylor and His Lady today!
Little miss Tanya is the sweetest thing, and you WILL go check it out if you know whats best for you!


Mallory Jordan said...

This is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Hihi, so great ! :D Cool costumes indeed. Aww and the last photo, the cutest! ^^

Thank you so much for the comment, I've been on a small break away from the computer so it took a while to reply. ^^
Yayy congrats, I just love TJ :>

Have a great day,

- Indie by Heart

Truly His said...

Just found your blog and am your newest follower. :) Hope you stop over at my place. ;)

Courtney B said...

I am willing to bet that there is never a dull moment with your brother around :) LOVE the costumes!

Kasey Lynne said...

Hahahah "with long hair, the possibilities are endless" THAT is hilarious!!

And the last picture of him is SO precious!

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